After yesterday’s less-than-stellar food photo, I thought I should redeem myself today with a picture that took more energy and creativity. We went to a pasta shop down the road from our house this weekend. This was our first visit and we were beyond impressed! Fresh pasta, bread, ravioli, & sauces — all made fresh each morning. We decided on spinach linguine, Gorgonzola cream sauce, and fresh bread.

We whipped up our lovely Italian meal tonight and here are the results. I have a feeling we’ll soon become regulars at that pasta shop. I’ve challenged myself to work on my food photography since it seems to be my biggest weakness. And as much as I love food (admitted foodie), I plan to use it as a subject often. The hubs and I constructed a light box this weekend — actually, he built the box while I gave instructions (he was in for helping once he heard the words “box-cutter” & “duct tape”). I’m still playing around with the lighting and such, which is crucial since I don’t use Photoshop. I’m open to any advice to those who use one! 🙂


5 thoughts on “37.365

  1. I love fresh, handmade pasta. One side of my family always makes handmade ravioli’s well known from our Slovak heritage. This is a great photo mid-process.

    I’m curious how you guys constructed the light box. I’m sure there’s numerous instructions on the Internet, but thought I’d inquire from a fellow photo-blogger. I could use one in my place.

    As for lighting, obviously you could go out and purchase some semi-professional lighting equipment but I’ve found homemade works just as well. I typically use any type of soft light camping headlamps you can purchase, especially with the multiple settings, and a handmade diffuser experimenting with various types of paper, from notebook paper to printer paper. It’s always more fun to DIY and its quite simple actually.

    Hope that helps, and the food looks delicious

    • Thank you, I’d love to start making my own pasta and raviolis! Feel free to share your recipe…unless it’s a family secret 🙂

      As for the light box, I used a basic cardboard box, cut out 3 sides (1.5″ left around each edge), and used tissue paper as the diffuser. I read that you can also use white fabric. I already had a couple desk lamps, bought 100W full spectrum bulbs. I’m going to experiment with diffusers and bulbs to achieve more of a “daylight” feel. Thanks for the input, and I agree, I prefer DIY any day of the week!

  2. I love these pictures!! I only wish the pictures of my dishes turned out this great. The spinach pasta looks absolutely delicious and with gorgonzola cream sauce *________* looks to die for!!! KUDOS!!!

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