This water faucet is a painful toe-stubber for those who walk through our front yard. Myself included. Ouch.


4 thoughts on “52.365

  1. Hope you don’t take this the wrong way, but I thought I’d offer my honest opinion. The focus with this image throws me off. I feel the parts of this image in focus are rather unimportant or lack the need to be in focus. I think I would try focusing on the closest part of the subject, the nozzle in this case, and blurring the distances. That, or decrease your aperture a bit and bring more of the image in focus.
    But by no means does it makes this subject any less interesting, just think you’d like it better with a different range of focus.
    Sorry if that comes off rude 😦

    • Absolutely not rude! I always open and welcome constructive criticism. I actually took another picture with the threads in focus, and went back and forth between which image to choose, but I felt that one would be too predicable – expected, even. I thought it would be a little more fun to have the inside of the faucet in focus; what makes the threads more important (besides maybe being more visually appealing) anyway? I wanted to focus more on the parts of the nozzle that the water actually comes out of. Was it the better of the 2? Maybe not. But definitely less expected πŸ™‚ Thank you again for your opinion!

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