Another beautiful day at the dog park! Once we got there, we were met with this ginormous horse dog. I never got the opportunity to speak with the owner (who is on the left, in the grey sweater, and was well over 6 feet tall) but I think he looks like an Irish Wolfhound. The dog and owner were surrounded by people, taking pictures and gawking over the beauty of this beast (the girl on the right being one of the many), I can imagine this happens quite often.


This 3-legged cutie is at the park almost every weekend. I chatted with the owner, who works at a vet clinic, and said the dog had been shot and left to fend for himself when a good samaritan brought him in, and the current owner couldn’t resist adopting him. He never seems to miss a beat, running and playing with all the dogs. I love watching him, not letting anything hold him back from enjoying life. How inspiring.


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