The phrase “Spring is in the air!” can be taken literal on this first day of Spring.  It’s every where: all over ours cars, all over my dogs, all over our balcony.

To celebrate this beautiful first day of Spring, I started the first seeds for our vegetable garden!  I’ve been pining to start a garden for years now.  I even attended a short “beginner’s guide to gardening” class last year.  At the time, we were still renting a house, and was not given ‘permission’ to dig up the back yard, so the only option I had was container gardening. But I never did it. I think because I let myself get overwhelmed with all of the logistics of gardening: types of soils, lighting, timing, spacing, etc. etc. etc. But not this year.  No excuses.  I don’t expect it to turn out perfectly, so I’m ready to learn a lot this first go ’round.  I’m pretty excited. And impatient.  Maybe I’ll learn some patience along the way as well.


6 thoughts on “80.365

    • Oh, I wouldn’t dare try to plant in the back yard…our dogs would have a fun time digging in that soil! We are using a patch of land on the side of our house. Away from the dogs 🙂

    • This tray holds bell peppers and pepperoncinis. I plan to plant broccoli and onions in the bed this weekend…and cucumbers soon. I can’t wait to see them start to sprout! What seeds have you started?

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